Inservice Training

DMI psychology is registered provider for many NDIS supports. We offer these expert services to identity your challenges and provide you with assistace.

Psychosocial and NDIS Review assessment

These assessment are for people who have already been assessed and diagnosed, but would like an update on their psychosocial status. These are especially useful during big life changes (e.g., high school transition, release from incarceration) and when planning for current support needs.

Functional Assessment

These assessment investigate your daily living skiils to find your strengths, challenges, and potential. We specifically examine abillities in the conceptual, practical, and social areas of daily life by exploring what you do, and what you need to do evertday. Who do communicate with? How do you take care of yourself? Do you study? Where do you need to go? We will find out what you are good at (strengths), what you struggle with (challenges), and where your future could go (potential).

Diagnostic Assessment

These assessment are used to confirm a diagnosis (e.g., autism, intellectual disabilty) and to provide you with information about your current condition. This is to find out where you are: your status right now and what you need for support. Ideas for funding applications as well!

Behaviour Assessment

Challenging behaviours can occur when you find it hard to communicate what you need or want. Over time, this can impact your relationship and quality of life, and may put you at risk of having more life problems. Our behaviour assessments aim to identify the function of each behaviour of concern, so that we can help you find better ways of getting what you need in daily life and improve your relationship.